Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our letter of intent to adopt

Though it is still early on in the process, my husband and I have been strongly advised to submit a letter of intent to adopt CD if she were to become free for adoption. I started working on the letter yesterday, my husband did some great editing, though I am sure we will continue to tweak it. CD's case will be brought to court again in two weeks. We hope to have the letter ready to submit by then.

To whom this may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf on my husband, our two sons and myself to let you know that it would be our greatest honor and wish to adopt CD if she were to become free for adoption.

CD, at 17 months old, joined our family on July 26, 2010. It was love at first sight. The System worker told me that I should be prepared, that CD had been inconsolable all day. Z, my eight year-old son, held a stuffed animal as he and I waited outside our house for CD’s arrival. CD arrived, immediately reached for me to pick her up and took the stuffed animal from Z. CD had decided I was safe and would protect her, and our bond grows stronger every day. She quickly warmed up to our two sons and treats them as brothers. She was terrified of my husband and strangers, especially other men. My husband waited patiently, making small advances, until about a month later, CD finally became fully comfortable with him – though she may always prefer being with me.

CD came to us with the clothing on her back and the diaper she was in. Her hair was filthy and she was terrified of the bath. I took the time to slowly work toward her taking a bath. I first sponge bathed her, later went in the bathtub with her (in my bathing suit) and eventually she was willing to take a bath. In fact, she now loves the bath. CD came to us unfamiliar with playground equipment. She now climbs and slides down the slides, as any happy child would. While CD appeared regressed and was not walking when she came to our home, she started walking within five days and now she is now running and dancing. She sings, her vocabulary is rapidly growing and she has great social skills.

CD is surrounded by love and is developing fantastically well. She adores my husband, our two sons and me, and we adore her. She is a child who is filled with love, joy and unlimited potential. She is beautiful both inside and out. It would be a dream come true to raise her as our own. My husband is an accountant and I am a psychologist who specializes in working with children. We understand the importance of education and would ensure CD has the opportunity of good schools and extra curricular activities where she could explore and develop her talents and interests. If she were to have any difficulties emotionally, educationally or physically, we are prepared for anything that would come our way. We are financially comfortable and, in addition to absolute unconditional love, we would offer her every advantage in life.

Our family is fortunate to have an extensive group of friends in our community. CD has been welcomed with open arms and with more love and affection than I could have ever imagined. Our extended families have responded in the same way. If CD were to become our forever daughter, her life would be filled with love, safety, security and opportunity.

I thank you for your consideration of this letter.


  1. This is a beautiful letter. I really hope this happens.

  2. Great letter. Only 1 very small suggestion, remove "– though she may always prefer being with me."

  3. Don't tweak, you nailed it.

  4. Getting some great editing advice via email. Wld be happy to receive more at

  5. Mark, agreed. My husband added it in there to make a certain point but I don't like it either.

    JS reworded some stuff, sounds better already.

    Thanks anon :)

  6. CJ is so lucky to have landed you as foster parents!

  7. Correction. Apparently I had this 26th date in my head for some reason. It was the 21st.

  8. One tiny mistake: "now she is now running and dancing"

  9. Thx OTD. JS has already reworded all sorts of stuff. My husband says it took away some of the raw emotion of the original letter but it is better written now. Still have more to work on.

  10. If this is your first draft it is great. I can't think of anything I would add. It has just the right tone of love and what would be in CD's best interest.

  11. This blog was very innovative and helped me a lot!
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  12. Thanks so much. It helped me too. I pray the adoption was a success.

  13. Your letter of intent served as a guide when writing ours. Thank you so much for sharing it. Sending many blessings your way :-)

  14. Alison from EnglandJune 1, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    This message is for Tikun Olam.

    What a beautiful letter you wrote & I hope very much everything went well & you & your lovely family were able to adopt CD.

    I wish you could adopt me but at 38 I feel I'm a bit too old :) (Only Kidding)

    Please update your blog & let everyone know how things went hopefully it went in your favour.

    All the best,

    Alison from England :)

  15. Hi Alison,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I keep the blog updated as to where we are with our adoption of CD. There was a hearing today. I am waiting to hear from the case manager. I believe that the hearing set a trial date for termination of parental rights. we are almost at the two year mark and are confident that the adoption will happen. It seems that even the bio parents want this.

  16. Hi Tikun,

    Wow that is fantastic news, especially when the Birth Parents are not contesting it, that makes it easier, they obviously have realised that CD is in THE best place with you guys.

    Myself & my husband have been foster carers for the past 9 years & have had the 3 siblings we have got now for the past 2 years nearly 5 months & are going through the adoption process for the little one who has been with us since he was 6 1/2 months old & he is now nearly 3.

    We have had a part assessment done, but it has come back very negative & has knocked us for 6 BIG TIME !!!! He was diagnosed with Autism end of Dec 2011 & people who we deal don't feel we will be able to cope with his probable challenging behaviour, which due to all these people having crystal balls they can apparently see into the future. We have done pretty well for the past 2 & a bit years as foster carers & we knew he had Global Delay & a few other health issues & have coped really well with them, it's very disheartening & we have been very down about it, but we are now going to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!!

    Just thought I'd fill you in on what's going on in my life, hope you don't mind :/

    I have saved you in my favourites & will keep looking at your updates & like I said before I hope everything goes great for you all.


    Alison :)

  17. Also I forgot to mention that if they say NO at Panel then I have to submit a letter of intent to adopt & send it to the local authority & my solicitor which will then put everything on hold for 2 years so that means they can't move him. These people with the powers that be are soooo out of sync with life & he has got the BEST life he will ever have living with us & we are the same with regards to birth parents, his mother isn't contesting it & she is very happy that we are wanting to adopt him

  18. Allison,
    It is amazing how the system differs from country to country yet in every country it seems there are so many issues that keep the System from working efficiently and in the best interest of so many of the children involved. Good luck in your fight. In the U.S. the foster system would be dying for anyone with a license who has been successfully raising a child in need of adoption to be willing to adopt a child with global delays, in fact, the government is willing to pay out monthly stipends and benefits until the child reaches adulthood to motivate families to adopt children with special needs!


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