Friday, April 20, 2012

Post mediation update

Well, I should really first clarify. There was no actual mediation since the case manager was unable to find R and R did not come in on her own. We all waited an hour, the mediator, the case manager's supervisor, the case manager, the DAG, the law guardian, the public defender, my husband and myself. The case manager did go to CD's alleged bio father's house and his parents put him on the phone with the case manager. . He wants nothing to do with CD. He said that he would think about taking a paternity test. He won't though. He has legal troubles and doesn't want to be found. The mediator was concerned that CD would never know who her biological father is. I wondered if perhaps the mother of the father's older child, aka CD's half brother, would allow the kids to be compared. At least then CD could have a name. Maybe even a future relationship with this half sibling as well. So we wait for another hearing. In the meantime, if they find R they will try to have her surrender her rights rather than take her to trial.


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